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NYEWASCO was established as a limited liability company under the water sector reforms enshrined in the Water Act of 2002. Its main mandate is to provide high quality water and sewerage services to the people of Nyeri sub county and its environs. The Company has a functional Organizational Structure, headed by the Managing Director who leads a Management Team of Heads of Departments.

NYEWASCO has a well-defined strategic direction that is encapsulated in her vision and mission statements. The vision statement paints clearly the desired future state of NYEWASCO while mission statement articulates the purpose or what NYEWASCO wants to do.

Background of Nyeri Water and Sewerage Company

The Nyeri Water & Sewerage Company Limited (NYEWASCO) was incorporated on 23rd September 1997 under the Kenyan Companies Act, Cap 486 and became operational in July 1998. The company’s broad mandate is to provide water and sewerage services to the residents of the Nyeri Sub-County and its environs. NYEWASCO operated as an agent of the Nyeri Municipal Council until 4th October 2005, when the company signed a service provision agreement (SPA) with Tana Water Services Board as provided for by the Water Act 2002

NYEWASCOs specific Mandate is stated as:

  • Carry on the business of water and sanitation within the area of jurisdiction of Nyeri town Sub County.
  • Exercise overall control over the source and supply of water in the service area
  • Provide and distribute a constant supply of water for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes.
  • To be responsible for the provision, control, and maintenance of sewerage system both for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • To construct weirs and support any other water conservation and reticulation works for the provision of water for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • To acquire for its own use and distribution by sale to the public water pumps, pipes, and any other equipment and chemicals that might be deemed necessary for and connected to the carrying out of the said business of the company.
  • To be responsible for the treatment and disposal of the sewerage within the service area
  • To obtain water for the purposes of distribution and supply from all appropriate sources.
  • To undertake laboratory analysis to ensure that acceptable water and effluent quality standards are maintained.
  • To levy to the consumer charges in respect of the services which the company provides.
NYEWASCO is proud to be identified with the following achievements in the past plan period (2012-2016):

  • Increased the number of connections;
  • Maintained revenue collection to > 95% of the billing within the 5 years;
  • Developed sewer infill in the densely populated area;
  • Reduced and maintained the NRW to below 20%;
  • Maintained the ratio of staff per 1000 below 5;
  • Extended water pipelines to the un-served areas;
  • Renewed plant and equipment;
  • Carried out a tariff study on tariffs which expired in 2012;
  • Developed and implemented annual project plans in water and sewerage through WSTF;
  • Marketed the alternative revenue generation products like manure and realized good sales;
  • Commercialized the laboratory services – Water testing and meters calibrations;
  • Commercialization of the benchmarking and educational visits;
  • Identified areas with old infrastructure in water and sewerage network and started gradual replacement of the same using internally generated funds
  • Sought for strategic alliance with development partners like WSTF for extension of water and sewerage network;
  • Optimization on the use of water treatment chemicals through accuracy in water analysis and administering of chemical solutions;
  • Identified sources of poor effluent to our sewers for pre-treatment;
  • Created awareness to all the stakeholders of our services through newsletters, brochures and fliers and participation in the ASK show
  • Use of composite material water meters;
  • Use of resin materials for manhole covers, frames and chamber covers;
  • Welding of sluice valves and air valves;
  • Prosecuted offenders to curb vandalism;
  • Successful lobbying for banning of scrap metal trading;
  • Put in place plans for future extensions for water and sewerage infrastructure and Sourcing for extension funds;
  • Developed performance management  scheme including policy and tools;
  • Reviewed and updated the  business  continuity  plan;
  • Nominated key personnel  to  the  disaster  management  team to develop and steer implementation of the disaster management plan;
  • Timely implementation of CBA;
  • Introduced performance related pay schemes for senior management staff (on contract);
  • Reviewed and implemented the results of the training needs assessment plan;
  • Developed a policy and strategy on Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Participates in ASK show annually;
  • Trained internal quality auditors and staff to spear head implementation of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management  System;
  • Reviewed and updated the Customer Service Charter;
  • Developed and institutionalized a BOD charter;
  • Reviewed and updated the code of ethics and code of conduct.
  • Perception that water is a free service;Financial constraints to undertake expansion programs both on sewer and water through internally generated funds due to non- gazzettement of new Tariffs;
  • Holding of VAT refund by KRA which forms part of our budget;
  • Under utilization of water treatment plant capacity due to limited demand.

About our website

The purpose for this website is to enlighten our esteemed customers on the services provided by NYEWASCO, their quality and availability. The website is also our public declaration to our customers of our commitment to the delivery of these services.

It spells out what the services and standard of service delivery that the customers should expect from us, and how to seek remedy if our services fall below our customers’ expectations.