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Press Statement on Theft and Vandalism of Company Property

23rd /01/2020

We would like to inform members of the general public that theft and vandalizing of Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd property which includes but not limited to Water Meters, Manhole Covers, Pressure Reducing Valves, and other fittings is an offence punishable by law. In this regard we caution anyone caught in the act that they will be prosecuted.

We would like to urge our Esteemed Customers to be on the lookout for such characters and report them to the nearest police station. We are working closely together with the Police Service to curb this vice. We are also available on our hotline 0734732481. You can also send us a direct message on our social media platforms as follows: Facebook @nyewasco,Twitter @nyeri_water . This will enable us to respond to such incidences instantly so as to avoid service disruption. In this regard, we would like to inform our Customers along the Kihunyo- Mweiga transmission line that our main PRV was vandalized on 22nd January 2020.  This has necessitated a shut off of the said line as repair works continues. We apologize for the inconveniences

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Three Simple Steps to Take if Your Water Meter is Stolen

Did you know that you should report meter theft or vandalism to the police? Meter theft is illegal and is punishable by a court of law.
Here are 3 simple steps to take in the event that your meter is stolen or vandalized.
1. Ensure that the gate valve is tightly closed to avoid water loss.
2. Report to the nearest police station and obtain an abstract( This will aid the company in the replacement process)
3. Record a report at our offices or call the office hotline number 0734732481for assistance.

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Tambua NYEWASCO Staff

Our attention has been drawn to individuals masquerading as NYEWASCO staff who are going round homesteads and business premises threatening our customers of a mass disconnection. We distance ourselves with such individuals and reiterate that NYEWASCO is a corruption free zone. We do not ask our customers for any money to avoid disconnection. We also do not receive cash payments for water bills. We advice our customers to use our paybill to settle their bills. Do not make any arrangements with anyone outside the office. In the event that such people approach you, kindly report the matter to the police with immediate effect. You can also Tambua our staff by using ussd code *483*60#. Always insist on proper identification from everyone who claims to be our member of staff. Please be advised.

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Sharing with Children at Nyeri Referral Hospital on 20th December 2019

The festive season could not be complete without visiting the Paediatric Ward at the Nyeri County Referral Hospital . The children and their mothers were thrilled to share a light moment with our staff taking their minds off their current predicament. The Nurse- Incharge of the Paediatric Ward Ms.Marete thanked Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd for their relentless effort of easing the pain of the sick children during this festive season. ‘”We would like to express our sincere gratitude to NYEWASCO for making an effort to visit us every year. Your efforts do not go un-noticed” Said Ms. Marete.

The members of staff distributed assorted gifts which included toys and diapers for the young ones, milk for their mothers among other gifts. The team then prayed for quick recovery of the children and wished them a Merry Christmas.

This was among the Corporate Social Responsibility activities that the Company participated in this year.


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Partnering with Nyeri Hospice to add Quality to Life of the Terminally Ill

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd is a responsible corporate citizen. We treasure the society in which we operate. As such, we deliberately engage, contribute or participate in all relevant events within our immediate environment. On 19th December 2019, we visited the Nyeri Hospice to support them in their quest to provide palliative care to the terminally ill and vulnerable members of our society. We will continue working hand in hand with Nyeri Hospice to promote nursing care to patients who need it the most. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Press Statement on Sewer Blockage in Pembe Tatu Area of Nyeri Town (20/11/2019)

Our attention has been drawn to a complaint about a blocked manhole resulting to sewer spillage in Pembe Tatu area. We would like to inform the public and the residents of Pembe Tatu that there is no cause for alarm. This is because the said blockage happened on 14th November 2019. The same was reported to us and we acted promptly and executed the necessary corrective measures on the same day.

Our emergency response team was sent on the location yesterday night (19th November 2019) after receiving the complaint to ascertain whether the sewer was flowing smoothly. Another team visited the same site this morning (20th November 2019) and the findings were that the blockage was rectified last week and it has not recurred. However, the surrounding area has some degree of wetness that can be attributed to the consistent rainfall that we have experienced in the past days and it being a flat area, it has taken a longer time to dry up.

We urge the general public to work with us and report all cases that need our attention directly to us on our emergency phone number 0734732481 to facilitate quick action.

NYEWASCO has an open door policy and we encourage our Customers to communicate to us regularly whenever they spot a matter that needs our attention. This will help us serve you better and we appreciate feedback.



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Welcome to The WASPA Water Loss Conference in Nyeri/ Launch of Good Practices Report

We are proud to be hosting the Water Services Providers Association ( WASPA) Water Loss Conference which kicks off today the 19th November 2019 at Green Hills hotel in Nyeri town. The theme of the conference is “Addressing Water Loss In The 21st Century Using Culture Change & Technology. We look forward to a highly interactive forum and we are eager to learn from our counterparts as well as other stakeholders in the water sector. The conference runs to the 22nd November 2019. It will include high level panel discussions, water loss field training and exhibition of equipment used in Non-Revenue Water Management among other activities.

During the first day of the conference, the Good Practice Report by WASPA was launched. Champions in different categories of service were also awarded.

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WASPA Water Loss Conference/ Annual Benchmark Awards

Congratulations to all our esteemed Customers, distinguished Board, able Management and extraordinary staff of NYEWASCO for bagging the number one position in Non-Revenue Water and Pro-Poor in the WASPA Annual Benchmark Awards which were presented during the on going Water Services Providers Association (WASPA) Water Loss Conference being held at Green Hills Hotel, Nyeri. This year’s theme is ”Addressing Water Loss In The 21st Century Using Culture Change & Technology. The conference runs from 19th November 2019 to 22nd November 2019.
The awards are aimed at recognizing companies that are carrying out best practices at service levels.
During the event, the County Executive Committee Member in charge of the department of Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Sanitation Mr. Fredrick Kinyua who was representing the Chief Guest, H.E Hon. Mutahi Kahiga, governor Nyeri County reiterated that all individuals should be involved in the NRW management as the water sector is the base that the big 4 agenda stands on.

As such, we urge everyone in the community to help us conserve water by reporting cases of pipe bursts, illegal connections and any other suspected malpractices. This will aid in reducing water losses hence more water will be available for our customers. If you spot any of the activities mentioned above, Kindly call us 0734732481 or inbox us on our facebook page@nyewasco. You can also tweet us on our handle@nyeri_water

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Tackling the Non- Revenue Water Menace

One of the major issues affecting Water Services Providers is the significant difference between the amount of water produced and directed into the distribution system and the amount of water billed to consumers (also called “non-revenue water” [NRW]). High levels of NRW reflect huge volumes of water being lost through leaks, not being invoiced to customers, or both. This poses two serious setbacks to the WSPs. 1. It affects the financial viability of water utilities 2. It leads to lost revenues and increased operational costs.
It is for this reason that Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Limited puts emphasis on achieving and maintaining a low NRW all year round.
To achieve this, the company has put the following measures in place;
1. Invested in state of the art equipment for leak detection.
2. Ensuring the NRW staffs are well trained in the latest NRW technology.
3. Continuous Customer Education on ways to reduce NRW
4. Open channels of communication between the company and the publics which ensures prompt reports of any leaks and other malpractices.
5. Friendly relations between the company and the publics which enhance a good working relationship.
6.Meter testing ensures accurate reading.
The Company is guided by the fact that the less NRW achieved, the more the water becomes available for our customers.
Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company are the reigning NRW Champions according to the NRW Annual Report 2017/2018. The challenge is on all of us to do more as far as reducing NRW is concerned.

The Ministry of Water and Sanitation and Irrigation has organized a Regional Workshop on NRW Sensitization which is being held today, 14th October 2019 in Laikipia County. The Chairman of the Board of Directors  Patrick K. Munuhe and the Managing Director Peter M. Gichaaga are in attendance.

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About our website

The purpose for this website is to enlighten our esteemed customers on the services provided by NYEWASCO, their quality and availability. The website is also our public declaration to our customers of our commitment to the delivery of these services.

It spells out what the services and standard of service delivery that the customers should expect from us, and how to seek remedy if our services fall below our customers’ expectations.