We will make it easier for our customers to make payments by:

  • Sending bills with notification indicating customer position of indebtedness
  • Reminding customers to settle their bills through media announcements
  • Providing a range of payment options; which will include cash, and cheques.
  • Requesting customers to accompany payments with the latest bill to provide details of accounts.
  • Giving 14 days notice on the monthly bill to disconnect customers who are in arrears.
  • Billing on the actual consumption after cut off after which no billing will be done.
  • Allowing customers to request in writing to transfer any credit balance on one account to offset a debit balance of another account under the same customer name.
  • Allowing a customer to have access to his/her detailed statement of account at all times during office hours
  • NYEWASCO expects all its services to be paid for and advises both its current and potential customers to refrain from the act of:
    • Consuming water illegally
    • Tampering with the NYEWASCO’s water meters
    • Water meter bypass
  • These acts may lead to heavy fines and/or imprisonment as prescribed by the law.