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Sanitation Standards in Nyeri Town Get a Boost

October 9th, 2019|

The OBA phase 1 project which involved the construction of sewer extension infrastructure is complete. The company has embarked on OBA phase 2 project which involves the physical connections of customer’s households to the sewer line. This is in a bid to increase the sewerage coverage from the current 25% to 35%. The company is committed to improving the sanitation standards of residents of Nyeri-Central Sub County and its environs.

Advantages of the OBA project

  1. a) Upgrading the quality of life

The quality of life and the hygienic conditions where the sewer system operates have already improved. The operation of the sewer system has relieved residents to a great extent from the previous problems of emptying septic tanks every now and then. It has also presented the much needed relief from having to maintain the septic tanks and has provided a much healthier and appropriate way to manage liquid wastes.

  1. b) Preserving the Natural Environment

Previously, sewage waste was discharged into septic tanks which might have caused pollution of the ground water of the areas where such waste was discharged. With the operation of the sewerage system, the waste water is directed to the waste water treatment plant in Kangemi where it is treated and discharged back to the eco system. The company also produces treated sludge which is used as manure by farmers. This has contributed to environmental conservation and promoted the culture of recycling.

  1. c) Increase Revenue

The project targets approximately 3000 households in new sewer connections. In addition to improving the sanitation standards of these households, these new sewer connections will increase the revenue of the company by an estimated Ksh 3 million per month when fully completed.

  1. d) Capacity Building

The staff members who have been working hand in hand with the contractor in the implementation of the project have gained meaningful experience which is helping them in the maintenance of the sewer system.

  1. e) Creation of Employment

One of the conditions given to the contractor undertaking the works of constructing the sewer infrastructure and connecting individual customers to the sewer line was to involve the community in provision of unskilled labour. This has provided a source of income to many young people hence increasing good will from the surrounding community.


Upgrading of the Pipeline Supplying Major Seminary and Environs

September 27th, 2019|

We are upgrading our pipeline in Christ the King Major Seminary area and adjacent areas so as to improve the water supply to our customers. We ask you to help us by reporting any water leaks detected. Let us all remain vigilant to ensure smooth supply. For any reports, inquiries, complains or compliments call us on 0734732481. You can also inbox us on FB @ Nyewasco or tweet us @Nyeri_water

New Sewer Connections Set to Improve Sanitation

September 20th, 2019|

The on-going Sewer connection exercise which is targeting customers from Garden Estate, Kamakwa/Kandara, Ruring’u/Skuta and Classic/Ngangarithi areas is set to improve sanitation standards tremendously. The company has made it pretty easy to apply for a connection at an affordable subsidized rate of ksh 2100. The company covers all the other costs. This is in a bid to improve sanitation standards in Nyeri Central Sub- County. We urge our esteemed customers to take advantage of this subsidy and get connected to the sewer line. The company is committed to its vision of being a world class Water and Sanitation services provider.

ASK Show, Central Region

September 20th, 2019|

Nyeri County governor H.E Hon. Mutahi Kahiga visited the NYEWASCO stand at Kabiruini grounds  during the ASK Show and Trade fair Central Region edition which was held on 11th- 14th of September 2019. The governor was impressed by the way the company has employed innovation and technology in water and sanitation service delivery. Among the revolutionary technology exhibited was a Water dispensing ATM that the company has installed in Witemere, a low income area in Nyeri town. This is in a bid to provide potable water to all residents. He further reiterated his commitment to support the company as it strives to provide water and sanitation services to residents of Nyeri Central Sub-County and its environs.
Kabaru Ward member of county assembly Hon. Joseph Njiiri Wanjira who doubles up as the chair of the select committee on water, environment and natural resources at the County Assembly of Nyeri commended the company for the good work it is doing in providing safe water to residents round the clock.
Staff members led by the chairman of the board of directors Mr. Patrick K. Munuhe, were on call to welcome the governor.

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Nyewasco Seeks Effective Ways of Provision of Water in Informal Settlements in Nyeri Town

September 4th, 2019|

Witemere pilot ATM water kiosk is ready and vending water to the residents of Witemere informal settlement in Majengo Sub Location, Nyeri Central Sub County. The water ATM will help the residents to access clean and safe drinking water  in the area. This is in a bid to combat water borne diseases as well as save them time which they use to acquire water for domestic use. This is one of the project that the company has undertaken to improve  universal access to water and sanitation services in low income areas in tandem with her Pro- poor policy.  The constitution of Kenya 2010, United Nations Sustainable Development goal number 6 and Vision 2030 express the right of every citizen to access to clean, safe drinking water. It is in this perspective that NYEWASCO is exploring innovative technology such as automation in water supply so as to ensure quality life to the less privileged members of the society. The Water Atm dispenses a minimum of 10 litres which costs ksh 1 and 20 litres of water at a cost of 2 Kenya shillings. The pricing has been reduced to the bare minimum so as to ensure that the residents of this area afford the water and none of them will be locked out of the program. 

Change of Guard

August 28th, 2019|

There has been a change of guard at NYEWASCO as Joseph M. Wachiuri retires from the chairmanship after serving  two consecutive terms successfully. During his tenure, Mr. Wachiuri steered the company to maintaining the number one position among all Water Service Providers in the country, a position it has held for a period of 11 years. The company is also the reigning Non -Revenue Water Champions. The in-coming Chairman Mr. Patrick K. Munuhe promised to uphold the company’s standards of excellence and work together with the management, staff and all stakeholders so as to achieve the Strategic Plan 2017/2021. The handing over ceremony was held on 16th August 2019 in the company’s boardroom.

Nyewasco clinched 3rd place overall

August 26th, 2019|

As the curtains fell on WASCO games 2019, NYEWASCO received numerous accolades for exemplary performance, discipline and commitment during their participation in the sector’s games which were held in Embu County.

The company was ranked third best overall retaining its position but marked an increment of points in most disciplines.

The company scooped first position in the following disciplines;

  • Golf
  • Squash Men
  • Badminton

This year’s theme was “Reduction of Non-Revenue Water through community participation and sports.

Nyewasco came after Nairobi and Nakuru .

The company is the reigning Non-Revenue Water champions according to the recently released Ministry of Water and Sanitation Non-Revenue Water Management Annual Report 2017/2018 having the least NRW ratio in the country.



Official opening of Wasco games 2019

August 21st, 2019|

The official opening of the 10th edition of Wasco games 2019 was graced by the Interior and coordination Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i who was accompanied by his Water and Sanitation counterpart Simon Chelugui on 21st August 2019 at Moi Stadium, Embu . Speaking while addressing teams drawn from over 40 Water Service Providers from all over the Country, the CS reiterated the importance of conserving our water towers as well as the environment in general.

The Water and Sanitation Cabinet Secretary also urged the teams drawn from the water sector to work together and learn from each other on ways of reducing Non Revenue Water .

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company is the reigning NRW Champions in the country. This is according to the Ministry of Water and Sanitation report on Non-Revenue Water Management 2017/2018.

Non-Revenue Water Management Champions

August 7th, 2019|

The Board of Directors, the Management team and all staff would like to appreciate our esteemed customers for their continued support in helping us achieve the lowest NRW ratio among all Water Services Providers in Kenya. (Non-Revenue Water Management Annual Report 2017/2018). You are an amazing part of the NRW management Champions. We would like to urge all of you to continue reporting any water leakages promptly so as to enable us maintain constant supply of potable water to your households. This will also help in ensuring that you only pay for water that you have used.
Reach us on our hotline:0734732481. You can also follow us on twitter @Nyeri_water and our Facebook page @nyewasco

Induction and Corporate Governance Workshop for Directors

August 5th, 2019|

Nyewasco directors led by chair Joseph Wachiuri successfully completed a three day Induction and Corporate Governance workshop which was officially opened by H.E Mutahi Kahiga, Governor Nyeri County.
The three day workshop which was held on July 31st- 2nd Aug at Kenya School of Government in Embu focused on Corporate Governance, Public Procurement and Financial Management. The course also covered legal frameworks and support for water and sanitation services at both the County and National levels as stipulated in the Water Act 2016. It also shed light on the role of Nyeri County Government and Tana Water Works Development Agency.The training equipped the directors with the requisite knowledge in the execution of their duties.
The governor urged them to dispense their duties with integrity.
Nyewasco Chairman applauded the Governor for his commitment in ensuring that the residents of Nyeri get sufficient clean and safe drinking water which has been demonstrated by his unwavering support to the water utilities.
Other Water Services Providers present were OMWASCO (Othaya Mukurweini Water and Sanitation, MAWASCO( Mathira Water and Sanitation Company), TEAWASCO ( Tetu and Aberdare Water and Sanitation Company and NARUWASCO ( Naro Moru Water and Sanitation Company).

IKO – SAFI INNOVATION AWARD (Call For Sanitation Innovators)

July 22nd, 2019|

The Ministry of Water and Sanitation seeks applications for the Iko-Safi Innovations Award on the topic “Sanitation for All”. The award seeks to recognize innovative solutions that promote access to sanitation resources and services that make a difference in promoting healthy, safe and productive
lives for all. Submissions for the award must be innovative, contextually grounded, practical and designed in response to on-the -ground needs and relevant to sanitation systems strengthening.Innovative solutions may target individuals, families, communities, urban planners, service providers or sanitation infrastructure, networks and system. On behalf of the Ministry we invite you to participate in this great course either as an individual or a group.
The award has the following categories;
1. Sanitation Industry Innovations
2. University/ Technical Institutions Innovations
3. Community Innovations
4. International Innovations
For more information, kindly visit the Kenya Sanitation Conference 2019 at or the Communication and Public Relations Office at our offices in Nyeri town.

Nyewasco does it again!

July 5th, 2019|

Congratulations to all our esteemed Customers, distinguished Board, able Management and extraordinary staff of Nyewasco for emerging the best Water Services Provider in the Country for the 11th year in a row as awarded by Wasreb Kenya in the recently released Impact Report Issue no 11/2019
#WasrebKenya #Impact Report Issue no 11/2019

Tree Planting at Zaina

August 28th, 2018|

WASCO games 9th edition

August 20th, 2018|


Position 1: Nairobi water Position 2: Nakuru Water Position 3: Nyeri Water
Discipline – Football
Position 1: Nairobi
Position 2: Nakuru
Position 3: Eldoret
Position 4: Kiambu County
Discipline – Netball
Position 1:Nairobi
Position 2:Eldowas
Position 3:Thika water
Position 4:Tavevo
Discipline – Volleyball Men
Position 1:Nairobi water
Position 2:Nzoia water
Position 3:Nyeri water
Position 4:Eldoret water
Discipline:: Volleyball Ladies
Position 1: Nairobi water
Position 2 Nyeri water
Position 3: Nyahururu water
Position 4:Nanyuki water
Discipline -Badminton
Position 1: Nyeri
Position 2: Nairobi
Position 3: Eldoret
Position 4: Nakuru
Discipline -TT men
Position 1; Nairobi
Position 2: Nakuru
Position 3: Nyeri
Position 4:
Discipline – TT Ladies
Position 1: Nyahururu
Position 2: Nyeri
Position 3: Nairobi
Position 4:
Discipline – Squash (M)
Position 1: Nairobi
Position 2: Embu
Position 3: Nyeri
Position 4: Meru
Discipline – Squash (L)
Position 1: Nairobi
Position 2: Embu
Position 3: Meru
Position 4: Nyeri
Discipline – Scrabble
Position 1: Nairobi water
Position 2: Nzoia water
Position 3: Gatanga water
Position 4: Nakuru water
Discipline – Chess
Position 1: Nakuru water
Position 2: Nairobi water
Position 3: Eldoret Water
Position 4: Nyeri water
Discipline – Ajua
Position 1:Nakuru water
Position 2:Nairobi water
Position 3:Embu water
Position 4:Eldoret water
Discipline – Darts
Position 1:Nairobi water
Position 2:Embu water
Position 3
Position 4:
Discipline – Pool Table
Position 1:Nakuru water
Position 2:Eldoret water
Position 3:Embu water
Position 4:Nanyuki water
Discipline – Golf
Position 1: Thika Water
Position 2: Nyeri Water
Position 3: Eldoret Water
Position 4: Bomet
Discipline – Cultural Dance
Position 1: Thika water
Position 2: Narok water
Position 3:Kiambu C water
Position 4: Nyeri water
Discipline – Folk Song
Position 1: Narok water
Position 2: Kiambu C water
Position 3: Muranga water
Position 4: Nakuru
Discipline – Athletic
Position 1: Nairobi Water
Position 2: Eldoret Watet
Position 3: Thika Water
Position 4:
Discipline – Draughts
Position 1: Thika Water
Position 2: Nairobi water
Position 3: Murang’a water.
Position 4:

Kenya’s Water services Sector 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 (Nyewasco has been rated as the Kenya’s best performing water company for 10 years in row)

May 21st, 2018|

Nyewasco won 6 trophies in total as follows

  1. Best in Governance
  2. Top utility in NRW Management
  3. Best Utility in the Tana Region​
  4. Top utility in the very large category
  5. Best Utility in pro – poor services
  6. Position 1 in top performing utilities – Overall

Proposed dam sites in Zaina and Honi Catchments in Nyeri County.

January 22nd, 2018|

Visit to proposed dam sites in Zaina and Honi Catchments in Nyeri County. Led by CEC Water, Environment and Natural resources, NYEWASCO Technical Team and Development Partners from People’s Republic of China delegation from Hongzhou Regional Center ( HRC)

Gatei Tree Planting

January 22nd, 2018|

New Storage Water tank

September 19th, 2017|

Securing water the our customers

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