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NYEWASCO Tree growing day at Gatei Sewerage Treatment Plant

In line with the Company’s theme for the tree-planting season, ‘save the environment today and it will save you tomorrow’, and in an effort to contribute towards the Government’s target of achieving 10% forest cover by the end of 2022, Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company organised a tree-planting event in Gatei Sewerage Treatment Plant on 20th May 2022 to create awareness on the challenges of land degradation and the need for land restoration initiatives.

The initiative which was led by the Company’s Managing Director  Eng. Peter Kahuthu involved all members of staff who took to the field to plant and water the trees. Nyeri County is the leading County in forest cover having attained the Country’s target of 10%.

Speaking during the exercise, the MD urged all members of staff to engage in tree planting activities even in their own homes. The Company has a target of planting 1 million trees every quarter and nurturing them to maturity. During the event, over 5,000 fruit trees were panted.

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Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company is known in the country  as the best water services provider for 13 years in a rows.

To add to the list of firsts, NYEWASCO brought home the WASCO games second runners up trophy overall in the just concluded 11th edition of the WASCO games that were held in Kisumu County.

The co-curricular activities which involve staff of the water companies are meant to ensure that personnel interact to bring integration and national cohesion. The participants will also have an opportunity to benchmark, co-exist, learn different cultures and also exchange ideas.  The 11th edition of WASCO games involved over 6000participants with NYEWASCO being on top of the list with over 140 participants who participated in 13 disciplines. The ball games and choir were held in Kisumu National Polytechnic, while the other games were held in Cosmopolitan, Aga khan Hall, Mama Grace Onyango Social hall and Mambo Leo grounds where the closing ceremony was held. The theme of the 11th edition of the WASCO games was “Fighting non-revenue water through consumer engagement and sports”

NYEWASCO is an all rounded company that is not only geared to providing water, sanitation and allied services to its customers in an efficient, effective manner through its highly skilled staff but also instilling growth of its employees in all areas through activities such as sports that help to foster teamwork

NYEWASCO as a company participated in 13 disciplines namely: Volleyball, Folk song and dance, Table Tennis (Both men and women), Netball, Scrabble, Squash, Athletics (men and women). Pool, Chess Football, Ajua, Draft, Darts where we managed to win a total of 7 trophies.

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NYEWASCO Staff shine during a graduation ceremony at Mathenge Technical Training Institute

Twenty-three members of staff graduated from Mathenge Technical Training Institute on 17th March in a ceremony which was graced by the Management. The team which was drawn from both the Technical and Commercial Services and Strategy Divisions passed in their grade 3 test. The training which was fully sponsored by the company was in a bid to improve their skills and service delivery. NYEWASCO is committed to improving its service delivery to all stakeholders and continual training plays an integral role in this process.  Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Managing Director Eng. Peter Kahuthu congratulated the graduates on their achievement and urged them to put the newly acquired skills to the benefit of the company. He reiterated the management’s commitment to supporting employees in their efforts to improve academic qualifications

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All services in one App

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company has launched a new APP that supports multiple water accounts. This comes as a relief for customers who have more than one account registered in their name. Unlike the previous APPs where a customer could only access one water account at a time, the revolutionary APP allows customers to operate multiple water accounts at a go. This is in a bid to improve the customer service experience. Landlords and house agents can now keep track of the water accounts of their properties or properties under their management respectively. In addition, the company has also introduces a USSD short code that has the same properties. The services available on the APP are as follows;

  • Lipa maji services
  • Jisomee meter
  • Buy water tokens
  • Bowser services
  • Exhauster services
  • Apply for a new water connection
  • View bill/ statement
  • Report complaint
  • Track water usage among other services

The APP is also user friendly and easily available on Google Play store. Customers can also follow the following link to download the NYEWASCO APP.

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Young Water Professionals (Nyeri Chapter)Membership Drive Day

The Young Water Professionals (YWPs) from Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd are a group of young people who are in the water sector who have come together so as to engage in other activities that have a positive impact to the society and environment. On February 29th 2022, the YWPs held a colourful event at the company’s conference hall dubbed Young Water Professionals Membership Drive Day whose purpose was to bring onboard newly registered members, and make known their objectives and benefits of joining the group. The event was ushered with music and dances from the youthful members where the management including the Managing Director Eng. Peter Kahuthu took part. In addition to this, the YWPs management was officially handed over to the newly elected office holders.

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NYEWASCO puts a smile on Kiawara fire tragedy residents faces

NYEWASCO is committed to conducting her business and affairs in a socially responsible, sustainable and meaningful way taking into account ethics, the environment and society at large. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is part of the company’s plan to continue to build trust and public confidence through public awareness and strong stakeholder engagement. The company also upholds activities that are assist people living in low income areas within its surface area (pro-poor) through the CSR activities.
Yesterday 21/02/2022, the company carried out a CSR activity where the victims of Kiawara fire tragedy who are also our customers were given mattresses and blankets. This will assist them as they rebuild their lives after losing all their belongings to a fire. The Company will also settle water bills for the connections that were in the burnt residences and establish a fire hydrant in the area to ease fire fighting activities in case of an emergency.
The public administration who were represented in the event thanked the company for the donations and continuous support. The beneficiaries also were beside themselves with joy and expressed their gratitude to the management of NYEWASCO for the kind gesture.
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World Toilet Day 2021

Today, we join the rest of the world to mark the World Toilet Day. World Toilet Day is an official United Nations international observance day on 19 November to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Worldwide, 4.2 billion people live without “safely managed sanitation” and around 673 million people practice open defecation.
To achieve this, we have built 204 modern toilets in conjunction with the Water Sector Trust Fund in Witemere low income area of Nyeri town in a bid to improve sanitation for the urban poor. The toilets were built under the Upscaling Basic Sanitation for the Urban Poor (UBSUP) project.
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Pro-Poor Board Representative Member induction

The director representing pro-poor interventions in the board of directors and staff members drawn from the pro-poor section undertook an inspection exercise of all pro-poor projects of the company on 9th November 2021. This was in a bid to familiarize with all pro-poor interventions as well as ensure that the projects are operating optimally to the benefit of people living in low income areas within the service area of the company.

NYEWASCO has made investments in these areas so as to ensure  that access to  water and sanitation is increased. This is achieved through undertaking NRW management, expanding water connection, expanding sanitation access, sensitization programs, reviewing customer experiences, expanding linkages and partnerships with pro-poor areas focus, and enhancing the management of information systems for pro-poor.  In addition, deliberate effort is made to enhance business process for pro-poor, implementing the company’s social connection policy, and monitoring service provision levels in low income areas.

Some of the projects visited during the induction exercise include;

Water Kiosk- Mweiga

Water Kiosk- Majengo

Upscaling Basic Sanitation for the Urban Poor (UBSUP) toilets in Witemere

Water ATM in Witemere

The board member was impressed by the efforts that the company has put in increasing access to water and sanitation services in low income areas within her service area and reiterated the board’s support for the projects so as to improve the quality of life for the residents. The Chief Manager, Commercial Services and Strategy Francis Kiura led the exercise.

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Another first from NYEWASCO. 24-hour customer service.

The company set aside Friday 29th October as a complaints resolution day as a Rapid Response Initiative to find lasting solutions to customer complaints. A large number of customers visited the company offices and they were served on the spot. The exercise is set to continue until 5th November 2021. Customers can now access NYEWASCO services round the clock which has been made possible by the unveiling of 24 hours’ customer service. A 24-hour phone number 0714 430 000 was also introduced to enhance service delivery


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About our website

The purpose for this website is to enlighten our esteemed customers on the services provided by NYEWASCO, their quality and availability. The website is also our public declaration to our customers of our commitment to the delivery of these services.

It spells out what the services and standard of service delivery that the customers should expect from us, and how to seek remedy if our services fall below our customers’ expectations.