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Quick actions

How to check your account balances
  • Scroll down to new text message on your phone
  • Enter the word NyewascoAccount Number.  For example, “Nyewasco  44749
  • Send the message to 20360
  • Press ok and await for response
  • For the account enter the first 5 digits only

Easy and convenient way to pay you bill

Nyewasco has set up 2 paying points to enable you make payments easily:

  1. Our main office (next adjacent to the Nyeri town health centre)
  2. Mobile payment gateway LIPA NA MPESA
  3. You can pay water bills through Equity bank and Equity Agents through account No. 0110261003593

Our water meters have been set up to help you pay for only what you use. Sending us your meter reading is really easy.

Easy, convenient and time-saving
  • Scrolling down to M-pesa on the phone
  • Then choose pay bill from the m-pesa menu
  • Enter business Number 968800
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter the first five digits of account number
  • Enter your secret PIN and press OK

A summary page appears which shows the details of the customer’s payments


The Nyeri Water & Sewerage Company Limited (NYEWASCO) was incorporated on 23rd September, 1997 under the Company’s Act, CAP 486. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nyeri Municipal Council (NMC). It has its offices behind the NMC Fire Services Department, Off Kenyatta Road. The Company’s formation arose from the need to commercialize water services, which is now covered by the Water Act 2002 Water. The Act has created new institutions to manage water resources in Kenya.

More about NYEWASCO


Quality, affordable, reliable and sustainable water, sewerage and allied services


Latest News & Press

NYEWASCO Tree Planting Event

In our quest to achieve 10 percent national tree cover as per the presidential directive, NYWASCO kick started a Tree Planting drive on 29th`July, 2022 at the confluence of Chania and Zaina Rivers. The event was organized by the NYEWASCO Young Water Professionals. The company has a target of planting and growing one million trees in the strategic plan (2021/22 – 2025/26). The team was led by the Managing Director, Eng. Peter Kahuthu. Also present during the exercise were Mr. George Wanjohi, a NYEWASCO customer who donated 3000 bamboo trees to the company in support of its conservation efforts demonstrated so far, Kenya Forest Service staff, Chania River Users Association, CFA representative and staff drawn from Naruwasco and Omwasco Water Services Provoviders. The drive is aimed at conserving the water catchment area as well as to enforce the green ecosystem and encourage biodiversity. Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company organized the event to create awareness on land degradation and the worrying climatic changes facing the globe currently. The event sensitized the community to support the green economy and enhance resilience to climate change risks. Seed Balls Kenya, an Environmental Conservation Organization also donated seed balls which were broadcasted during the event. The tree planting drive is set to continue throughout the wet season.

NYEWASCO admits the second cohort of interns for a year long internship programme

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd (NYEWASCO) is known in the country and beyond as the best water services provider. This is according to IMPACT REPORT 14 Water Services Utility Performance Report) among 81 utilities in the country for the 14th year in a row.

The second cohort of interns was inducted yesterday on 1st August 2022. The induction exercise which was presided over by the senior management led by the managing director, Eng. Peter Kahuthu whereby 46 candidates were enrolled. The internship programme is a free and fair process which began with advertisement of vacancies. To ensure a wider circulation, the company took advantage of the robust social media platforms that it enjoys to tap into the targeted audience mainly youth who graduated from 2019 to 2022. The placed interns largely capture the face of Kenya in terms of county of origin, ethnicity, education background   and institutions of origin.

The successful candidates will undergo rigorous training in different divisions of the company with the technical division taking the giant share. The internship period will run for 11 months up to the end of June 2023. Last month, the first cohort of interns graduated into the job market after acquiring useful skills from the programme.

NYEWASCO donates two water tanks to needy schools in Nyeri Town under the CSR Initiative

DEB Muslim primary and Githwariga primary schools located in Nyeri town, benefited from a donation of water storage tanks from the NYEWASCO, under the CSR initiative. The management and the pupils could not hide their joy after receiving the tanks from the company. The tanks came in handy at a time when they were in dire need of water storage facilities. The company donates water storage tanks to schools within its service area to promote water harvesting for sustainable livelihoods for the welfare of their pupils and the whole fraternities at large. NYEWASCO is a socially responsible corporate committed to undertaking CSR activities for the benefit of the community. This fosters good community relations and is a way of giving back to the society.

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About our website

The purpose for this website is to enlighten our esteemed customers on the services provided by NYEWASCO, their quality and availability. The website is also our public declaration to our customers of our commitment to the delivery of these services.

It spells out what the services and standard of service delivery that the customers should expect from us, and how to seek remedy if our services fall below our customers’ expectations.