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Patrick K. Munuhe – Chairman, Board of Directors

He was appointed in April 2018 as a director representing farmers organizations.

He is a teacher by profession and pursuing a Masters degree in Educational leadership Management at the Kenya Methodist University and is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a Bachelors of Education degree. He holds a Diploma in Education Management from the Kenya Education Management Institute.

Peter M. Gichaaga – Managing Director

He joined the company in 2015. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Secretary and holds Master of Science (Finance), from the University of Nairobi, Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance) from Kenya Methodist University. He also has a Diploma in Business Management from the Kenya Institute of Management.

He is responsible for efficient management of the affairs of the company, day to day operations and administration of the company in consultation with the Board. He provides overall leadership to the company and guides strategic direction in order to ensure effective achievement of the company’s strategic plan.

He has over 15 years experience in both private and public sector. He has a deep understanding of the water sector having worked at Tana Water Services Board which has since been renamed as Tana Water Works Development Agency for 10 years. He is currently serving as an executive committee member in WASPA (Water Services Providers Association) where he represents the Tana Water Region. He also serves as a board member of various organizations in the country.

A word, to our team.

At NYEWASCO, we believe that satisfied employees translate to satisfied customers. On the other hand, an organization’s management style to a great extent determines the employees’ culture and sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Together, these self perceptions can determine the quality standards of customer care that the employees provide to the customers. In order to ensure that our staff have the necessary dedication and commitment required to serve, we pledge to:

  • Treat all staff as partners in the success of our business.
  • Listen to opinions from employees for new ideas on how to improve our services
  • Value and appreciate the contribution of every staff to the service of our customers.
  • Regard fellow employees as internal customers who must be treated with     respect, courtesy and honesty.
  • View interruptions from fellow employees not as nuisances, but as opportunities to serve them better.
  • Create forums to share information.
  • Practice pro-active information sharing.
  • Create, or contribute to forums for information sharing to ensure full     understanding of internal customer service across the organization.
  • Give feedback to employees about their work performance.
  • Continuously empower and develop staff by training them in customer care skills

About our website

The purpose for this website is to enlighten our esteemed customers on the services provided by NYEWASCO, their quality and availability. The website is also our public declaration to our customers of our commitment to the delivery of these services.

It spells out what the services and standard of service delivery that the customers should expect from us, and how to seek remedy if our services fall below our customers’ expectations.