1. Maintained the Number 1 Ranking in Performance for the 15th Year running
  2. Maintained strategic alliance with development partners including TWWDA, World Bank, KFW, KSG, WSTF, KPWF and USAID for extension of water and sewerage network.
  3. Maintained strategic alliances with Government institutions operating in the service area including Universities, Polytechnics, County Government Departments, the Kenya Police and KEFRI/KFS among others.
  4. The Company maintained the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  5. Got the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 reaccreditation for water quality and meter calibration laboratory after external audit;
  6. Earned a global recognition as the best of the best-performing water service provider in Eastern and Southern Africa by ESAWAS IN 2024
  7. Maintained revenue collection to >98% of the billing across the period and made significant progress in collection of the arrears.
  8. Reduced and achieved a NRW of  below 16%.
  9. Implementation of a cost recovery tariff in April 2021.
  10. The Company has serviced her KfW and OBA loans without delay or default.
  11. Maintained a metering ratio of 100%.
  12. Optimization on the use of water treatment chemicals through accuracy in water analysis and administering of chemical solutions.
  13. Implemented an ERP System in 2021
  14. Reviewed and implemented 47 policies.
  15. Developed 5 new policies.
  16. Successfully implemented the Upgrading Basic Sanitation for the Urban Poor (UBSUB I & II) project funded by WSTF involving construction of over 500 Safisan Toilets at Witemere and other low income Areas
  17. Earned Eight Year License from WASREB