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NYEWASCO SHINES YET AGAIN: WASREB Performance Report 2018/2019

We are Always Ahead in Creating Awareness NYEWASCO Participated in the Nyeri ASK Show 2018

NYEWASCO SHINES: WASREB Performance Report 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 " Nyewasco won 6 trophies"


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Tumulike Mwizi Pamoja Campaign

Did you know that water theft through illegal connections or meter by-passes, self connection after cut off for non- payment is a criminal offence punishable by law? The following penalties applies:
1. ILLEGAL CONNECTION: Commercial, Industry, Construction fraud- Sh. 100,000 plus estimated consumption during the period of illegality.
3. SELF CONNECTION after cut off for non payment Sh. 5000 and billing backdated from date of cut off.
These penalties have been set by Water Services Regulatory Board (The Kenya Gazette No. 2188 ) to deter water theft and failure to pay may lead to a jail term.
Last week, a man was who was involved in water theft was caught by our security & investigation department whose mandate is to weed out the vice. He was taken to Central Police Station where he was booked and is out on cash bail. He is required to pay for the penalty and billing backdated from the date of cut off. The total sum has escalated way above what he owed before the illegal connection and failure to pay will lead to criminal charges being brought against him. It is not worth the trouble. Get a legitimate water connection to avoid these penalties. Our team is on the ground verifying all water and sewer connections.
We urge our customers to report to us any case of water theft, illegal water and sewer connections, illegal discharge of waste water in un-designated points, meter vandalism and theft to the nearest police station or to us through the following communication channels:
1. Facebook@nyewasco
2. Twitter@watee_nyeri
3. Toll free phone number 0800721095
4. Phone number 0734732481
Let’s stop mwizi together. Help us serve you better.

Top Water Utility in Kenya: Impact 13

We are happy to announce that Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd (NYEWASCO) has been ranked number 1 in the IMPACT REPORT 13 ( Water Services Utility Performance Report ) among 81 utilities in the country for the 13th year in a row. It is indeed an honour to us. Being number 1 and maintaining it for 13 years among very competitive sector peers is not a walk in the park. It takes the the effort of men and women who work day and night to deliver exceptional water and sanitation services to the good people of Nyeri Central Sub County and its environs. This success is as a result of collective hard work of our members of staff, management, Board of directors, the County Government of Nyeri, the National Government and all our stakeholders. We would like to thank our esteemed customers who have contributed immensely to our exemplary performance through the years. Your great support has not gone unnoticed especially in this period of COVID-19 pandemic. We thank you especially for your assistance in keeping a close eye water and sewer leaks. This has contributed immensely to our low non revenue water levels which in turn increases the amount of water we deliver to your households. We are also NRW champions in the country which currently stands at 15%compared to the national average and target of 42 and 20 % respectively. We implore our customers to continue being our eyes and ears on the ground. Kindly report any pipe or sewer bursts, blockages, meter vandalism, theft and any other matter that requires our attention through the following communication channels:
1. Facebook@nyewasco
2. Twitter@watee_nyeri
3. Toll free phone number 0800721095
4. Phone number 0734732481
Email We are committed to maintaining our quality of water to the present rating of 100% and continual improvement of all our services and look forward to a great FY 2021/22.

New strategic plan to steer Nyewasco to greater heights and improve service provision(Courtesy The standard Friday 28.2021)

The Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company (Nyewasco) has unveiled a new strategic plan that seeks to steer the service provider to greater heights. The 2021/2022- 2025/2026 Strategic plan is a key milestone for the over two decade-old water service provider. Incorporated in 23rd September 1997, Nyewasco can trace its birth to the late 1950s. The first infrastructure was set up in 1959. However, for now Nyewasco has only one water source which is the Chania River. “We have to credit our fore bearers, the visionary engineers who came up with the idea and infrastructure that we now rely on because we are building on what they set up decades ago,” Eng. Kahuthu noted. The Nyeri Water Supply Project was the flagship project, for the company which was largely supported by German Technical Cooperation through GTZ in its establishment. Nyewasco undertook the project in early 2004, that ensured the construction of the treatment plant which increased water production from 6,000 cc to a capacity of 27000cc. The project also improved the water quality provided by the company which is one of the reasons, the company has been propelled to the best water service provider in Kenya for over 12 years. While water provision has 98 per cent coverage for over 100,000 residents. plans to be implemented in the 5-year strategic plan.

The company has remained committed to its core values which are; customer service, ownership, environmental consciousness, continual improvement, teamwork & efficiency, research & innovation and corporate social effectiveness. According to Eng. Kahuthu, the company attributes one of the key factors contributing to her success to the support from the County Government of Nyeri under the stewardship of H.E Governor Mutahi Kahiga. “I am grateful for the support accorded to us by Nyeri Governor H. E Mutahi Kahiga in terms of provision of financial resources and implementation of projects, while allowing us to carry out our mandate without interference, which has led to the gradual growth of Nyewasco,” noted Eng. Kahuthu. In addition, Eng. Kahuthu noted that Nyewasco’s exemplary performance can be attributed to the good leadership by the late MD CPA Peter Gichaaga, who grew the company to greater heights jointly with the board of directors.

“Together with a formidable team, supportive board of directors who provide the company with the necessary oversight to carry ou our duties,” noted Eng. Kahuthu. Further, Nyewasco attributes her continued success to the excellent performance of all its members of staff. They are well acquainted with their responsibilities for efficiency and effectiveness and are continually motivated through training and team building activities.

“Nyewasco has incorporated technology in terms of communication and payments, which has significantly improved our services, especially during these Covid-19 times. We have also adopted the new systems in the market that have heavily reduced our wastage for instance, in non-revenue water, we have maintained the non-revenue water at 15percent and in billing systems, the technology has enabled us to serve our customers with minimal errors and at their convenience,” added Eng. Kahuthu.


The company has faced, financial constraints with the main issue being inadequate fund mobilization for projects, without any subsidies, the company relies on internally generated funds and support from the County Government and National Government. Lack of adequate water storage threatens water security for the company because the l There is a need for a Strategic Water Reservoir to address this challenge, Nyewasco the Company is working closely with the National Government through TWWDA & CGN to realize the vision of constructing a Mega Dam/ Multipurpose Dam (Muhoya Dam) at Zaina Forest.

Also, Nyewasco is working to overcome, the high energy costs increasing the business risk, hence prompting the company to explore alternative energy sources including solar energy and Hydro-Power. In 2017, the Company celebrated 20 years since it was incorporated, and also the previous strategic plan, for 2016/17- 2021/2022. This strategic plan underwent a midterm review and they noted, they have implemented 85 per cent of the strategic objectives. However, the plan expires in June 2021, and therefore there is a need for the introduction of the new strategic plan to propel the company to meet its goals in the coming five years. Truly, Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company have lived true to its mission, which is ‘To provide quality water, sewerage and allied services at commercially and environmentally sustainable levels’. The key strategic themes are Corporate Governance, Financial Health, Service Delivery, Low[1]income Areas and their customers, Human Resource Capacity, Environmental Consciousness among stakeholders and Partnerships and Collaborations.

Under the new strategic plans, the company has expanded the values to strive towards.

These include,

Customer-Centric: Putting customer first and at the core of the business.

Professionalism: Reliability, Competence, Dependability and Respect.

Innovativeness: Ability to challenge industry norms and provide solutions.

Teamwork: Harnessing contribution of every partner.

 Integrity: Guided by sound moral and ethical principles.

Responsiveness: Providing value within an acceptable time.

Result Oriented: Focus on outcome.

Key achievements

  • Developed Performance Management scheme including policy and tools.
  • Timely implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
  • Active in Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities. • Reviewed and updated the Customer Service Charter. • Adoption and Integration of pro-poor policy in the company’s activities.
  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 Accreditation of its laboratory services. • Evaluated for the 12th time in a row as the Best performing WSP during the WASREB impact report of 2019/2020.
  • Repayment of loans without defaulting up to date. • Continued provision of services on a 24/7 basis.
  • Water Extension to LIAs and informal settlements


Zero Charges for 0 units consumption and other Benefits of the recently implemented tariff

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd recently rolled out a pro-poor tariff which  takes care of the people living in Low Income Areas based on the following.

  • In case of no consumption, one will pay a small standing fees of 50 only and not the previously standing charges of Ksh. 368.40 or Ksh. 686.80 equivalent of 10 units in non sewered connections and sewered connections consecutively.
  • The water tariff for water kiosks will remain the same ie. Ksh. 1 for 10 litres.
  • Sewer charges will be reduced for domestic users by charging 75% of the quantity of water consumed. This has been reduced from 100%.
  • The previous tariff charged the same price for sewer and water. The recently implemented tariff is charging a separate rate for sewer which is lower than that of water for all the categories. It is 20% lower on average for the domestic customers.
  • Therefore, Sewer Charges for domestic customers will be reduced to an average 60% of water charges. (i.e. 75% of 80%)
  • Minimum charges for low consumption of up to 6 units is Ksh. 332 for unsewered connections and Sh.50 for sewered connections down from the current Sh.368.40 and Sh.686.80 respectively.
  • For business accounts, minimum charges for consumption up to 6 units is 500 for unsewered connections and Sh. 812 for sewered connections down from the previous Sh.527.70 and Sh. 1005.40 respectively.
  • The tariff will make it possible for the company to upgrade the pipeline to improve water supply to the residents of Kihuyo, Mweiga, Ikumari and Ngangarithi among others.
  • It will enable the company to reduce water losses further to 12%.
  • It will assist the company in putting in place measures to maintain 100% drinking water quality that Nyewasco is known for.
  • This will also enable the company to implement automation of its systems to assure its customers of accurate, timely and consistent billings.
  • This tariff will enable the company to increase its sewer coverage from 28% to 40%.


The cost recovery tariff will enable the company to sustain the achieved service delivery levels in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness across board.

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Limited is the current holder of the first position which the company has held 12 times in a row according to a performance report by the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB). The sector regulator (WASREB) releases the report annually.

The regulator continues to develop and roll out a number of guidelines that are geared towards streamlining service provision and ensure the protection of the rights of the consumer. Some of these include; Business Planning, Water and Sanitation Services Provision in Rural and Underserved Areas, Water Safety Planning, Water Vending, Corporate Governance and Pro-Poor Water and Sanitation Services guidelines.

These guidelines serve as the yardstick with which WASREB uses to evaluate the performance of individual Water Services Providers (WSP’s) within one financial year.

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company scooped the first position with 177 points out the possible 200 points in the most recent report which had the financial year 2018/2019 under review. This was an improvement from 2018/2019 where it scored 163 points. The board of directors, management and all staff of the company is committed to not only maintaining the sector leader position, but also to provide quality water, sanitation and allied services at commercially and economically sustainable levels through the application of outstanding processes and technology to the delight of our customers and other stakeholders.

Pro- Poor Tariff takes effect as at April 2021

The Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd introduced a new pro- poor tariff which took effect in the month of April. The tariff which takes into consideration the needs of customers in the low income areas who are the majority, charges Ksh 47 per cubic meter which is also referred to as a unit of water. The cost of production of one unit is Ksh 66.08. This translates to a Ksh 19.08 subsidy per unit. This will go a long way in reducing the burden of the low consumers in accessing clean and safe water for domestic use.

On the other hand, it costs Ksh 52.12 to clean one unit of waste water. However, the consumers who fall under the lower cluster of consumption will be charged Ksh 45 enjoying a subsidy of Ksh 7.12.

A survey conducted by the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) on the company’s service area showed that 72% of the consumers are poor and consumed a maximum of 6 units per month. As such there was need to review the tariff and come up with a structure which subsidized the rates for this group of customers. The successful implementation of this tariff will help the company to dispense its mandate effectively while taking care of the people living in the low income areas.


Supplier relationships are managed by our procurement team, which ensures that what we buy represents the best value in terms of cost, quality, service and innovation.

Developing strong relationships with suppliers helps ensure that suppliers essential to our operations are sustainable, that contracts are fair and that the business we conduct together is mutually beneficial.

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The Nyeri Water & Sanitation Company Limited (NYEWASCO) was incorporated on 23rd September, 1997 under the Company’s Act, CAP 486. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nyeri County Government. It has its offices opposite the Nyeri County Government Health Centre, Off Kenyatta Road. The Company’s formation arose from the need to commercialize water services, which is now covered by the Water Act 2002 Water. The Act has created new institutions to manage water resources in Kenya.

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