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Dear colleagues. 

It is my pleasure to present to you the future of the company. The economy of our country is at a critical stage especially in the light of the current Corona Virus Pandemic. The company is playing a critical role in provision of clean and safe water for hand washing as mitigation to the spread of Corona Virus. This coupled with the fact that most of our customers have economically suffered from the effects of the pandemic has put us at the center stage of ensuring that they continue enjoying our services despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. In addition, this has not dampened our commitment in attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Vision 2030, County Integrated Development Plan and the Strategic Objectives which are paramount to the success of the Company in the attainment of sustainable provision of water, sanitation and allied services. In addition, accountability and transparency is increasing. This creates the need for deliberate effort and focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, strengthening our systems to continually monitor and evaluate our service delivery mechanisms urgently.

Currently, there are a number of challenges faced by the company; these include an old and dilapidated supply network, meeting water demands of a growing population, a singular water source in the Aberdare forest, increasing cost of water production (chemical and energy), and environmental degradation. The Board of Directors, Management, and Staff with the input of our stakeholders developed this Strategic Plan to provide a basis for meeting these challenges. The Strategic Plan acknowledges the challenges and provides us with a road map on the pertinent areas that we need to address towards the achievement of universal access to water and sanitation services within the company’s area of service.  Our Vision, Mission, Motto and Values are paramount to the achievement of the seven strategic objectives spelt out in this plan. These will be achieved by embracing the principles of good governance, ensuring the company is financially sustainable, innovation and adoption of new technology for enhanced service delivery, use of renewable energy and most of all remain customer focused through the provision of quality products and services to the delight of our customers, continue to provide water and sanitation services in an efficient, effective, affordable and sustainable manner. Just as importantly, it allows us to share our plans with our stakeholders who include Government of Kenya, development partners, Nyeri County Government, customers, other local agencies, organizations, and regulators. We firmly believe it is an important tool for focusing our energies on. It will help us and future leaders make the types of decisions that will continue the Company’s record of dynamic actions.I therefore take this opportunity to thank the County Government of Nyeri, NYEWASCO Board of Directors, and Senior Management Team, all members of staff and stakeholders and partners for their support in the process of developing this strategy

Eng. Peter G. Kahuthu, The Managing Director, NYEWASCO.

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