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Dear colleagues. 

I am proud to present to you the future of the Company. The economy of our country is at a critical stage. The need for accountability and transparency is increasing. With the increase in corruption cases in the country, the Company is now in greater focus and scrutiny. This, coupled with the misunderstood role of the water sector to provide a public social service, makes the need for a deliberate effort and focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations strengthen our systems to continually monitor and evaluate our service delivery mechanisms urgently.

The Company can therefore take two directions: we can continue to operate largely as we have done in the past and suffer the consequences of losing public trust and being read in history as the company that used to be best in water service provision, or we can choose to make bold changes in order to shape the future of the water sector and increase public goodwill.

I believe we have one ethical obligation to do the latter and this transformative strategic plan is a roadmap for doing that. With your dedication, I am confident that this plan will help us build on our success, navigate the challenges and the threats we still face and ultimately ensure the future of our services.

Our new Vision, Mission, Slogan and Values are more direct. The focus is on four key themes: Customer Focus, Providing Water and Sewerage Services, Thought Leadership and Company Sustainability. Success in all four key themes will provide the foundation to sustain the future of the Company. Everyone in the Company, no matter the grade of service, must align our actions to support these four key themes.

Commitment to quality service must be lived by everyone. We must all understand that we exist to serve our customers and therefore must join hands as family to support fellow colleagues in delivering this service. In transforming to “A World Class Water Services Provider that transforms livelihoods”, we must perform our functions well and as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Please take time to read and internalize this strategic plan. By doing so, it will be easy to align each person’s role and goals to the four key themes. As the team leader, I am committed to providing the team with the resources needed to achieve our goals. The desire to make this a reality, however, must come from each member of the team.

Mr. Peter Gichaaga, The Managing Director, NYEWASCO.

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