In a bid to increase access to potable water to residents in low income areas, Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company runs an automated water kiosk in Witemere which is a low income area in Nyeri town. The water ATM has ensured efficiency in access to clean water to the residents any time of the day. This has been made possible by the use of water tokens which customers have been issued with by the company. These tokens are loaded with money through  mobile money transfer. A 10 litre jerrican of water costs Sh.1.

The Pro-Poor section celebrated the customer service week together with Witemere customers where each customer was gifted a token of 100 Shillings which translates to 100 jerricans. The customers could not hide their joy while receiving the free token especially during this period where most of them have lost their source of daily bread due to the effects of the Corona Virus Disease.