The director representing pro-poor interventions in the board of directors and staff members drawn from the pro-poor section undertook an inspection exercise of all pro-poor projects of the company on 9th November 2021. This was in a bid to familiarize with all pro-poor interventions as well as ensure that the projects are operating optimally to the benefit of people living in low income areas within the service area of the company.

NYEWASCO has made investments in these areas so as to ensure  that access to  water and sanitation is increased. This is achieved through undertaking NRW management, expanding water connection, expanding sanitation access, sensitization programs, reviewing customer experiences, expanding linkages and partnerships with pro-poor areas focus, and enhancing the management of information systems for pro-poor.  In addition, deliberate effort is made to enhance business process for pro-poor, implementing the company’s social connection policy, and monitoring service provision levels in low income areas.

Some of the projects visited during the induction exercise include;

Water Kiosk- Mweiga

Water Kiosk- Majengo

Upscaling Basic Sanitation for the Urban Poor (UBSUP) toilets in Witemere

Water ATM in Witemere

The board member was impressed by the efforts that the company has put in increasing access to water and sanitation services in low income areas within her service area and reiterated the board’s support for the projects so as to improve the quality of life for the residents. The Chief Manager, Commercial Services and Strategy Francis Kiura led the exercise.