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NYEWASCO was established as a limited liability company under the water sector reforms enshrined in the Water Act of 2002. Its main mandate is to provide high quality water and sewerage services to the people of Nyeri Central Sub County and its environs. The Company has a functional Organizational Structure, headed by the Managing Director who leads a Management Team of Chief Managers.

NYEWASCO has a well-defined strategic direction that is encapsulated in her vision and mission statements. The vision statement paints clearly the desired future state of NYEWASCO while mission statement articulates the purpose or what NYEWASCO wants to do.

Background of Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company

  • Nyeri Water & Sanitation Company Limited (NYEWASCO) was incorporated on 23rd September 1997 under the Kenya Companies Act Chapter 486 and commenced operations in July 1998.
  • The company’s broad mandate is to provide water and sanitation services to the residents of the Nyeri Central Sub -County and its environs.
  • NYEWASCO operated as an agent of the defunct Municipal Council of Nyeri until 4th October 2005, when the company signed a Service Provision Agreement (SPA) with Tana Water Services Board now Tana Water Works Development Agency in line with the Water Act 2002.

Upon the transfer of the devolved function for water and sanitation services to the County Governments, the County Government of Nyeri acquired full ownership of the company through transmission of the shares previously held by defunct Municipal Council of Nyeri. Currently the company is operating under a license issued by Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) in line with Water Act 2016.

It previously existed as Nyeri Water and Sewerage Company Ltd  prior to a name change to Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Ltd effected in May 2019. This was informed by Sustainable Development Goal 6 which is about provision of clean water and sanitation for all by the year 2030. Whereas sewerage services involves safe management of waste water, sanitation has broadened the company’s mandate to focussing on issues of general public health.

NYEWASCO’s specific Mandate is stated as:

  • Carry on the business of water and sanitation within the area of jurisdiction of Nyeri Central Sub County.
  • Exercise overall control over the source and supply of water in the service area.
  • Provide and distribute a constant supply of water for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes.
  • To be responsible for the provision, control, and maintenance of sewerage system both for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • To construct weirs and support any other water conservation and reticulation works for the provision of water for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • To acquire for its own use and distribution by sale to the public water pumps, pipes, and any other equipment and chemicals that might be deemed necessary for and connected to the carrying out of the said business of the company.
  • To be responsible for the treatment and disposal of the sewerage within the service area.
  • To obtain water for the purposes of distribution and supply from all appropriate sources.
  • To undertake laboratory analysis to ensure that acceptable water and effluent quality standards are maintained.
  • To levy to the consumer charges in respect of the services which the company provides.
  • Developed Performance Management scheme including policy and tools.
  • Timely implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
  • Active in Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities.
  • Reviewed and updated the Customer Service Charter.
  • Adoption and Integration of pro- poor policy in the company’s activities.
  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 Accreditation of its laboratory services.
  • Evaluated for the 14th time in a row as the Best performing WSP during the WASREB impact report of 2020/2021.
  • Repayment of loans without defaulting up to date.
  • Continued provision of services on a 24/7 basis.
  • Water Extension to LIAs and informal settlements.
  • Renewed water tariff structure for the period 2020/21-2024/25.
  • Launched Strategic Plan for the planning period 2021/22- 2025/26.
  • Perception that water is a free service
  • Financial constraints for development of major infrastructure for both water and sewerage extensions.
  • Acquisition of way leaves for both water and sewerage extension projects.
  • Catchment degradation
  • Climate change has affected rainfall patterns with long rainy seasons becoming shorter and dryer
  • Power supply challenges (surges, breakdowns etc) affecting water pumping schedule amongst other operations
  • Backlog of litigation case on land matters, compensation claims etc

Through partnership with the National Government, County Government and our development partners we remain focused on projects that will improve livelihoods of residents within our service area and its environs while taking into consideration the LIAs, gender and improved livelihoods to all our customers through increased access to quality drinking water and improved sanitation.

Some of these projects include:

  • Expand water distribution network at Kingóngó – Kiganjo main water transmission upgrade
  • Sewer system for Chaka market and its neighbourhoods
  • Water extension/improvement projects to Baraka Estate, Mweiga township and its neighbourhoods and parts of Mathira west sub county
  • Explore and develop new water abstraction intakes to support continued service area expansions
  • Support construction of strategic water storage reservoirs in both Aberdares and Mt. Kenya Catchments.
  • Continuous upgrading of our systems to be in tandem with dynamic and advancing technology

About our website

The purpose for this website is to enlighten our esteemed customers on the services provided by NYEWASCO, their quality and availability. The website is also our public declaration to our customers of our commitment to the delivery of these services.

It spells out what the services and standard of service delivery that the customers should expect from us, and how to seek remedy if our services fall below our customers’ expectations.