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Prior to making any sewerage works extensions, we shall undertake to:

  • Carry out a survey to establish the demand, willingness and the affected population’s ability to pay for the intended services through:
    • Questionnaires
    • Interviews
    • Consultations with the local authority on issues related to extension of the sewerage works, including land issues
    • Carry out a cost benefit analysis to establish the following:
      • The viability of the sewerage works
      • Cost of the sewerage works
      • Population density of the area
      • The expected level of new connections
      • Break-even period
      • Pay-back period
  • Where   an   extension service is found to be unviable, NYEWASCO has a social responsibility to provide advise on safe on-site sanitation.
  • We shall extend sewerage services to all areas established to have potential demand.
  • We shall communicate with our customers about the following:
    • Availability of sewerage
    • Location of our contact offices
    • Price of our sewerage services
    • Public health safety and advantages of using NYEWASCO sewerage services.

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