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  • We shall make available application forms for new sewer connections at the approved charge.
  • The Front Desk Officer and other officers will always be available to guide every applicant on how to fill the form correctly and register completed forms.
  • We shall carry out a survey of the customer premises and determine the requirements for the new connection within seven days of registering the application forms and payment of requisite survey fees.
  • Our staff will be available to inspect and approve all drainage works done by a licensed drain layer before effecting any service connection.
  • Connection is effected within three days after drainage works are completed and approved.
  • During the installation of a new connection, the customer will be provided with information explaining how to maintain the sewer connection and what to do incase of a sewer blockage.
  • The customer will receive his or her first bill with sewer charges within one month from the connection date.

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