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Our customer policy aims at discouraging the disconnection of our services, but rather using all available means that give the customer the opportunity to pay.These include sending reminders through:

  • Electronic and print media campaigns encouraging prompt payment of bills
  • Bills posted to be accompanied by a caution to pay
  • 14 clear days is given to the customer within which he/she should have paid the bill.
  • Once in a while carry out physical visits to encourage customers to pay
  • Confirm that the customers have not paid before issuing the disconnection orders.
  • Effect disconnection as the very last resort
  • During disconnection if a customer produces proof of payment such as receipts, effect the re-connection of service.
  • First disconnection to be effected through a rubber seal.
  • Failure to pay within one month, a disconnection from the main to be effected.


Reconnection will be carried out after:

  • Full payment of the amount due
  • Part payment and, signing of agreement/promissory note to pay the balance by installment.
  • Payment of reconnection fee as per our tariffs
  • All paid up customers will be reconnected within 24 hours.

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